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Chapter History:

The Catalina Mountains Chapter (AZ-212) came into being in a roundabout fashion.  In September, 1934, the Tucson Chapter was formed.  It quickly failed from lack of continued and purposeful effort.  A second attempt was tried in 1954 with the same result.  In 1974 a request was made at the MOWW convention in Philadelphia to start a new chapter in Tucson.  The first  official meeting and the chartering ceremony took place on September 21, 1977.  It was discovered that there were many potential members in Northwest Tucson and Oro Valley who would be interested in becoming members of the MOWW, if a chapter were formed in their area.  The effort was successful and the Oro Valley Chapter was chartered on March 2, 1991, with eighteen members.  In July, 2001, the Tucson Chapter commander asked  the Oro Valley Chapter staff to consider merging the two chapters.  The offer was rejected at that time.  Later the Oro Valley Chapter reconsidered and agreed to the merger with the proviso that the Tucson Chapter would merge with the Oro Valley Chapter after that chapter was renamed the Catalina Mountains Chapter.  The merger was accomplished and the Catalina Mountains Chapter was chartered on November 1, 2001.  


Chapter Focus and Activities:


A Patriotic Memorial Fund program was established by C. J. "Kelly" Kadous LTC. (Ret) and Fluvio J, (Joe) Cataldo.  In December, 2017, the  Chapter voted to disburse a majority of the funds in the community for the  benefit of veterans, currently serving  military, and ROTC from the University of Arizona, future leaders  of our military. Since its chartering, the Catalina Mountains Chapter has focused most of its community service efforts to assisting local charitable, social and youth development programs.

Chapter Services and Membership:

The Chapter services several youth leadership and development programs throughout the city of Tucson to include traditional Scouting, ROTC and Junior ROTC programs with many local community school districts and the University of Arizona. The Catalina Mountains Chapter hosts its signature Massing of the Colors and Service of Remembrance ceremony event every fall at the Tucson Woman's Club facility in east Tucson and is active supporting the other four Chapters in the state throughout its scheduled activities season. Chapter monthly meetings are held from September to June of each year, with the months of July and August serving as the annual activity recess period, to provide a planning period to prepare for the subsequent MOWW Activity Season, which begins in August of each year. To learn more about becoming an MOWW fellow companion, please visit the MOWW national website at or contact the Catalina Mountains Chapter point of contact; CWO4 Robert Ozier, USA (Ret.) via email at: RJOZIER@MSN.COM or call (520) 886-9624. 

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